Canvas Wrap-up Checklist

At the end of each term, plan to review the information in your Canvas courses and ensure its accuracy,  including checking that students have the appropriate level of access to the Canvas course moving forward. This checklist will help you wrap-up your Canvas course at the end of the term and ensure a smooth set up process when you next teach the course 

Essential Best Practices

Verify Your Canvas Gradebook

The Canvas Gradebook automatically calculates final grades, but it is important to ensure the proper settings are in place for accuracy.

Submit final grades to banner

Grades do not transfer automatically from Canvas to Banner. Faculty manually submit grades to banner.

Update Canvas course access

Canvas allows you to control what students can and cannot access after your course is over. Use the course settings to put your course into read-only mode, or to prevent students from viewing course and quiz content after the set end date.

Prepare for the next semester

Customize your Canvas dashboard by removing old courses and favoriting new ones. Access the Canvas Readiness Checklist to prepare for next semester!

Optional Best Practices

Clean up course content

Remove unused or duplicate pages, files, and assignments to ensure accurate course imports in future semesters.

Export content and/or records

If you’d like to keep your own records outside of Canvas, use the export and download features to save grades, files, and course export packages to your computer.