Canvas Resources for Students

Canvas Quick Guide for Students

Canvas is the university-wide Learning Management System (LMS) selected for its student-focused ease of use and intuitive functionality.  Canvas provides students a mobile-first and accessible interface to engage in course content making in class and online learning easier.

Explore the following student resources and tips to learn more and get started in Canvas.

Get Started with Canvas in 10 Steps

1. Log in!

2. Download the Canvas Mobile app

The Canvas Mobile app is for students to navigate Canvas on mobile devices. This app can be installed on phones and/or tablets with iOS and Android. To download, search the app store (Apple IOS or Google Play)  to access the Canvas mobile app.

3. Customize your profile: add a picture, bio

4. Customize your settings: set your personal pronouns, display name, time zone, and language

5. Customize your default notifications preferences 

Resources for Students from Canvas 

Access guides for students from Canvas. Engage and learn more about Canvas from guides located on the  Canvas Community Site.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students 

Explore the following frequently asked questions to understand and take a deeper dive into specific Canvas features. 

Get Help

Need more tech support with Canvas? Please reach out and we will do our best to answer your questions.